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From: mrb_bailey
Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003 4:06pm
Subject: Re: the girl that can't be picked up by the boxers

sorry i didn't read that.
I agree with you. But we'll never know how he did it.

The unbendable arm thing is good fun.

Some daft girl in a pub some months back was telling me about the
power of crystals. when you find the correct one for you, hold it in
your hand and your arm will go stiff.
she showed her boyfriend how to test for this, and that night she was
amazed . all of the crystals she had were right for me!@!

Then a F**ked it up by getting too drunk. Then just about everything
became the healing cystal for me. the beer mat healing cystal didn't
go down to well. :)

I've dressed the trick up as suggestion to other people that they will
not be able to bend my arm. No matter how much I relax, they will not
be able to bend my arm.
then I tell them to tence there arm and bend it(at the elbow) for them.
But as I said if you knew aikido(and you do) its not very mind control

but its 1% of the puzzle that makes the effect that build upon effect
that sells the whole thing.

--- In a previous message wayneryder wrote:
> I mentioned a similar thing in Post 1561.
> --- In a previous message mrb_bailey wrote:
> > the effect... girl gets into ring. Derren gets a big boxer to lift
> the
> > girl. 1st time he can... Then he does his bit. the next time the
> boxer
> > can't lift the girl... heres how you can do this.
> >
> > Well I can't say for sure if this was how the trick was done; but
> the
> > effect of what was done is easy to recreate.
> >
> > For anyone that has done ki-aikido there is a thing called
> unraisable
> > body. The basic idea is to teach you that if serveral people can't
> > lift you up at once, then there is no way the person you are pinning
> > to the floor will be able to lift you(get up). A good example is a
> > naughty toddler not wanting to move then going dead on the floor and
> > somehow they weight 400 times more than they should.
> > I've not idea why it works I've only been doing aikido for a year
> and
> > the aikido people call it using KI. There are a whole load of other
> > "magic/mind control effects" to be had out of it. but if you show a
> > person who does aikido and call it magic or mind control you'll be
> > laughed at.
> >
> > So here the thing. the girl knows aikido or he tells her how to do
> > this just before. Derren does his bit and sells the effect and does
> it
> > very well. Which is most important bit.
> >
> > Mean while she does the work. 1st lift she goes tence and can be
> > lifted. The second lift she uses KI (yes I know its odd but you get
> > use to it) and big stong man gets his first taste of aikido. she
> can't
> > be lifted.
> >
> > There is one guy (the biggest) who can lift her. Now this might be
> > just part of the whole selling the effect or it could be that she
> > looked at him and lost her concentration, went tence and up she
> went.
> >
> > -------------
> >
> > what do you think?

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