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From: nxnzerx
Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003 6:32pm
Subject: Re: a few explanations........

> With the blind athlete I think the whole technique was creating an
> image in the guys mind. He says very sneakily "ur sat there with
> wife, now are u indoors or outdoors?" Of course there aren't going
> be any seats outdoors so he picks indoors of course. Before this
> guesses that he is married but Im sure the research was done on
> beforehand!

If you listen to what Derren says on this one you can see where
phonic ambiguities and primers where used, e.g:

HOMING IN on... (Home always links to inside, further backed by IN)
AND I WOULD like you to become aware... (Sandalwood/scented candles)

If you watch the blind guys reaction to the scent question he
says "Sandalwood" with a confused look on his face. My theory for
this effect is that there was some preshow work, lots of suggestion
and the final TV scence had segments of Derrens voice rerecorded to
make the commands less blatant.

> The one trick I didn't like was the candle one and i think that
> be explained by the fact that his hand was a bit higher than the
> other peoples over the flame and also he moves it up and down very
> quickly thereby allowing the heat to dissipate and never allowing
> hand to get burnt.

The only logical way to do this would be if Derren had had his hand
pressed to a slab of ice for a while before he started the trick.
This would have the benefit of cooling his palm dramatically, thus
giving him a longer "cooking" time than the others and a numbness to
the pain. Combing this with pain control would make him outlast

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